Top 15 Gifts for Teen Girls in 2019

I  love to give gifts more than I like to receive them.  I spend lots of time listening, taking notes, scouring the internet, and walking through the malls.  This year I added a step to my research and sat down with my daughters and their friends to find out what their favorite things are and what they most would like for Christmas.  Happy Shopping!

Lululemon Black Leggings  $98

These are expensive but the quality is amazing.  These will be in your daughter’s closet for years!


Lululemon Black Leggings

Anker Power Bank  $24.99

She will be the envy of all her friends when she whips out her portable charger.


Anker Power Bank

LED Strip Lights $28.99

My kids got SO EXCITED when they mentioned these lights.  There are some that are controlled by your smart phone and some that come with a remote control.  They also come in different lengths.  Not too expensive and oh so cool!


LED Strip Lights

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette  $54

It’s a little on the pricey side but it is great quality and gives you all the basics for a natural look.  Urban decay also has smaller palettes and different shades too.


Urban Decay Naked 3

Nike Air Force 1  $90

What’s old always comes back!  Kids are loving these shoes in so many different colors but you can’t go wrong with white.


Nike Air Force 1

BirchBox  3 Month Subscription $50

My daughter has been begging for this subscription for months.


Birchbox 3 month subscription

Sugar Tinted Lip Balm $31.75

There are many different colors available.  During the holidays, you can often find small gift packs too!


Sugar Tinted Lip Balm

Voluspa Petite Tin Candle $10

These are amazing candles and they come in so many different scents and sizes.


Voluspa Petite Tin Candle

Gift Cards – In any amount

Yes, They love to shop for themselves.  Gift cards to their favorite store, the movies, local coffee spot…


Fuzzy Socks $18

Ok, I was a little skeptical about this one but it was a unanimous YES!  You can get these almost anywhere but here’s a cute pair you can find at Nordstrom.


Leda Cozy Socks

Warm and Fuzzy Blanket $98

There is nothing better than getting snuggled up!  Like the fuzzy socks, you can find these cozy blankets almost anywhere.  Urban Outfitters has a great one on sale right now for $39, check it out, Amped Fleece Throw Blanket


Ugg Bliss Fuzzy Throw

Rings and Necklaces $45 and up

Rings and necklaces are all the rage now…sorry bracelets.  Gorjana has beautiful jewelry.  Check out  www.gorjana.com you will find so much more.


Taner Ring

Portable Speaker – JBL Flip $79.95

This is one of my daughter’s favorite things!  She takes it with her everywhere….even in the shower!


JBL Flip

Concert tickets  – varies

You will be the COOLEST PARENT EVER if you give your daughter concert tickets to hear her favorite musician. Does she like Billie Eilish? She’s on tour right now!



Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Eau de Parfum Rollerball  $25

Rollerball scents are easy to manage how much you put on and this scent is light and fresh!


Fresh Parfum Rollerball

Celebrate The Father In Your Life

You are not my father…but you are the father of my children! Sorry Rob, I couldn’t resist.  So this is an inside joke between my husband and me. One mother’s day many years ago, my sweet husband dropped the ball. I mean REALLY dropped it.  I was so upset. There was no special breakfast, no card, no flowers and no gift. I was hurt and beyond pissed off. When I confronted him about it, he said, “You are not my mother.” We had a nice long discussion and let’s just say my mother’s day celebrations are much better today.

When you have small children, the responsibility of celebrating Father’s Day and Mother’s Day falls on the parents. The kids aren’t capable of organizing it. As the children get older, they begin to engage and most are excited to celebrate their parents. Rob and I usually sit down and discuss what our expectations are for the day each year. For me, it’s usually a day that I do not have to cook, plan a meal, clean or grocery shop. For Rob, it’s often spending time with the kids. My best advice to you is to have an open discussion. Don’t make each other guess what the other one wants. And whatever you do, do not forget to thank and wish your spouse a happy day. They are the father or mother of your children.


So with Father’s Day this weekend, have that conversation with your husband. If you don’t have time for that, here are a few simple and low cost ideas:


  1. Stock the fridge and pantry with HIS favorite drinks and snacks. Our kitchen is usually filled with the things the kids and I like.


  1. Does he have a hobby or something he likes to do? Let him do this today without any complaining or asking how long he will be.


  1. Is there a big sporting event he wants to watch that day? Get the sofa ready and let him watch it and even take that afternoon nap uninterrupted if he falls asleep.


  1. What does he like for dinner? Make a reservation. Cook his favorite meal. Buy meat for him to BBQ if that’s what he likes to do.  Just have a plan.


  1. Make sure the kids make cards and to top it off, you write a letter telling him why you think he’s such a great dad.


Remember what goes around comes around. Pay it forward Moms!

I’d love to hear how you will celebrate Father’s Day this year?   Please leave me a comment and share your plans for the day.



10 Ideas For Your Teens/Tweens This Summer That Will Blow Your Mind


I wasn’t ready for it.  It happened so fast.  It feels like yesterday that I was just drowning in the chaos of life with my 3 kids under 5.  And then it happened.  Last spring as I was trying to figure out how the heck I was going to survive the summer with the kids.  My 12 year old declared that she would not doing any camps this summer.  She felt very passionately about it.  She said that camps were for little kids.  I saw a vision of her sleeping in and laying around all day and that scared the crap out of me.    I told her that she had to do something.  She needed to give me a few reasonable ideas…and that did not include sleeping until noon and binge watching Once Upon A Time.  I said I would consider letting her out of camps if I liked her ideas.  She came to me with a plan and  I accepted.  She spent the summer volunteering as a  junior swim coach for our neighborhood swim team, babysitting and dog sitting for multiple families, and completing her required summer homework.  She set everything up herself and managed her schedule all summer.  The result was a happy mom and a happy daughter.

Here is a list to get you thinking.  I do believe in lazy days and late nights so be sure not to over schedule.

  1. Have your tween/teen create a list of goals.  Does she have a summer bucket list?What does he want to improve on?  What has she always wanted to try?  What makes him happy?  There are so many cool journals if they need help getting started.  Check out this  Journal.
  2. Find a home project you can do together.  Does she want to paint her room?  Plant a garden?  Build a lending library?  Check out these blueprints.
  3. Start a business.  This could be babysitting, pet sitting, starting a youtube channel, becoming an Instagram brand influencer, starting a car wash, a blog, selling stuff on eBay.  The options are endless.
  4. Volunteer.   You can use your network.  Ask friends for ideas.  Ask around at your local school, library, church, and hospital.  Here is also a great website that focuses on opportunities for kids and teens www.kidsthatdogood.com.
  5. Do something new together and let them pick the activity.  Check out your local community center or college.  Many have fun classes over the summer.
  6. Hold a family night once a week and take turns planning the activity or outing.
  7. Spend time outside.  Beauty is all around us.  Do they like to walk, hike, run?  Sit on a beach or in a park and read?
  8. Have them research your summer vacation.  Is it a big trip, an overnight or a series of day trips?  You pick the destination but ask them to help find activities, restaurants, and other cool spots.  As they get older, they may begin to resist these family trips.  By letting them get involved in the planning, they feel invested in the vacation.
  9. Surprise them.  You trust them.  You are teaching them values and responsibility.  What are they asking for that you keep saying no to?  Is it a different haircut or hair color?  Dying the tips of their hair with kool-aid?  Is it a cell phone?  A second ear piercing?  Is it walking downtown with friends to shop, is it wearing a certain item of clothing you don’t love.  The bottom line is, sometimes when you give a little, the reward is great.
  10. Recharge your battery.  Make sure they have downtime.  It is summer.  There should be days to sleep in, binge watch your favorite show, eat ice cream for breakfast.
  11. Learn a new life skill.  Check out this list put together by Thriving Family.



My daughter read this article and told me that she is not going to let me forget about #9.  I cannot wait to see what she has in mind for this summer.   I’d love to hear what your tweens and teens are up to this summer.  Please leave a comment and let me know!