20 Facts About Me That May Surprise You


  1. I’ve tried many different hairstyles over the years and want to love my hair long but I LOVE IT SHORT!
  2. I love my nightly glass of wine. I’ve tried to give it up and it never works. I like the taste. I like the ritual. I like wine.
  3. I love the ocean. Growing up in New Hampshire, I was only an hour drive to the ocean and don’t think I could ever live somewhere that I couldn’t get to the ocean within a few hours drive.
  4. I was invited to and attended George H. W. Bush’s inauguration in 1989.
  5. I am my husband’s first and only wife. He is 14 years older than me and I have a stepdaughter.
  6. I love food. I mean REALLY love food. I always search out where we are going to eat when travelling.
  7. I have a tattoo.
  8. When I was a young girl, one of my goals was to travel to every continent and to visit every state in the United States. I am extremely embarrassed to tell you that my passport has expired!IMG_2764
  9. I was Miss New Hampshire Teen USA a very long time ago.
  10. We own a condo in China. Which makes number 8 even more embarrassing.
  11. I need to exercise. I am not in amazing shape. But as I said in number 6, I really love food. It is also a mood stabilizer for me. Over the years I’ve played soccer, beach volleyball, been a member of many gyms, walked, hiked, ran, and now I am loving Orange Theory Fitness.
  12. I started running 3 years ago (I couldn’t even run one mile before…seriously) and have now completed two half marathons and two 200 mile relay races.
  13. My family always comes first.
  14. I was engaged to another man and called off my big, traditional; parents are paying for it wedding two weeks before the wedding date.
  15. I had two miscarriages.
  16. I LOVE movies. I could snuggle up and watch a movie everyday. I have a lot of respect for actors and the way they bring characters to life on the big screen.
  17. I am a closet young adult fiction lover. I loved the Twilight and The Hunger Games series.
  18. One of my big bucket list items is to spend a month in Tuscany. Not like in the movie Under The Tuscan Sun, I’d like to be there with my family.
  19. I have a few great fears in life that I do not want to pass onto my children; flying, sharks and snakes.
  20. I love self improvement and business books.  I’m always listening to one on audible.IMG_1588

So now you know me a little better. What do we have in common? What shocks you? What do you want to know more about? Please leave your comments and let’s start a conversation.

One thought on “20 Facts About Me That May Surprise You

  1. I already knew I liked you, but it’s fun to get to know you a little better. We have some of the things below in common, too! 😊


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